September 26, 2008
Candlelit river by Inge Thorud
Aker River flows through Oslo. Once every year, the river is lit by candles and torches, and there are concerts, plays and other entertainment all along the riverside. This annual event was last night, and here`s a shot of it.


Austin sa:
So nice hanging bridge . Amazing .
Sabrina sa:
Night shoot awesome .
Inge Thorud sa:
Thanks to both of you! This was one of the lighter parts of the whole candlelit river-event, as there were som spotlights on the river as well. You can see one of the spotlights above the left part of the bridge, facing the waterfall in the background.

For the most part, the only light available was candles, like the ones around the blue characters. That forced me into using some longer exposure times, as I`ll show in my next post.
Ivar sa:
Nice calm scene, good capture.
Fredrik Mellem sa:
Fenomenalt bilde!
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