December 18, 2009
Greetings from the future by Erik Saastad
Even if the climate crisis will kill us all, it seems like everything will be back to normal in a thousand years. Except maybe for the fact that the year will have 13 months.

Shikha sa:
Thanks fr your post here .
Erik S. sa:
Nic, I was driving my old car, and noticed it by chance, yes. Glad you enjoy our blog. We enjoy you enjoying it for sure. Pierre: The thirteenth month is by no chance a summermonth. Same temperature as on tuesday when this image was shot. Today it is mutch colder in Oslo, abut -12 degrees Celcius in Oslo. Cold for sure...
Pierre sa:
Den 13. mned ser ikke ut til vre en sommermned...
Nic sa:
This is great! Did you notice it by chance?
Anyway I really enjoy seeing your photos every day!
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