About Frame

Welcome to our playground.

Frame not included, or Frame among friends, is a little project by three guys from Oslo. We're all hooked on photography, and the purpose for Frame is to be sort of an exhibition for the photos we actually dare put our names on. Every day we will post a new photo, and cross our fingers for someone to like it. If not, we can pat each other on the back. We hope you will drop by every now and then, to check out our baby. Enjoy.

To order prints, please send us an email ( mail@framenotincluded.com ) and include the photos title and the date it was posted on this site. Also indicate the size (see list of sizes and prints somewhere else on this page) and the shipping address.

All prints are developed by Kodak on photographic paper. Add about 4 to 8 for shipment depending on the destination (regular mail.) Prints larger than 20x30 cm will be shipped in a tube to avoid any damage.

Please note that some photos might not be availabe for print and some might be availabe only in certain sizes.

For all other inquiries including licensing images for commercial, editorial, personal, stock, or any other usage or if you want to hire one of us for a freelance project please send an email with your request and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

15 x 20 cm: 25.00
20 x 25 cm: 38.00
20 x 30 cm: 50.00
30 x 45 cm: 75.00
40 x 60 cm: 100.00
50 x 75 cm: 150.00