April 14, 2008
Opening of the new Opera by Inge Thorud
Saturday evening Oslo celebrated its new Opera House. The opening gala finished up with some impressive fireworks. This shot is from the beginning of the pyro show. At some point the whole sky was lit with neon colors, but that also came with a lot of smoke. So this is a shot where you can see the actual Opera House in the bottom right corner.

The wide and yellow lit building to the left is Havnelageret. That's gonna be my new office in about a month. I'm sure I'll upload some more photos of that building in the future.


I also like to celebrate festival .
What a nice festival night .
Ithil sa:
Veldig fint bilde! Hvilke innstillinger hadde du p kameraet? (Lukkertid, blender, ISO osv...) :)
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