April 18, 2008
Me, myself and I by Jrgen Stensrud
A real DIY portrait. I have never shot portraits before but they always looked like fun to do. Since all the models I had running around in my apartment left, I had to step up and do the job myself. I like portraits that tells something about the person.

Since I dont have a tripod my camera was placed on a chair. The light was a work lamp softened up by a empty, transparent can. I used a remote trigger to fire off the camera. Added some cross processing (yes I love the stuff) and this is the result. I think it came out pretty good considering the model I had to work with :)


Stylist shoot .
Exclusive modeling this bike .
Rune sa:
Herlig Jrgen! Fet sykkel and a what a dude!
ann sa:
knallbra! rett og slett heldig at de andre modellene hadde dratt :-)
Cathrine S sa:
Utrolig bra bilde! Veldig stemningsfylt.
es sa:
Skummel fyr. Ville ikke likt mte ham p jobben. Men et fantastisk bilde! Du komponerer en stemning som er veldig helhetlig.
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