October 04, 2008
Draculas castle by Erik Saastad
Well not really. It is Havnelageret, the building where we all work, reflected in a window thursday morning.


It's an amazing post , man .
Sabrina sa:
Hello Erik Saastad,
You have done a stunning post here .
Erik sa:
Hello Maria! So glad you like it! We are really glad that you and your family are visiting us, and we feel deeply honoured that our pictures have inspired your interrest in photography. People like you makes it fun for us to run this site!
Maria sa:
Hej Inge; I sat next to Erik on a plane from SF to Amsterdam last January (when he brought home some new cameras to you guys), and he told me about your site. It has truly given me an interest and an education about photography that I never would have had but for visiting your website. My husband, Dan, and I have turned all our friends/family on to it, and WE ALL LOVE IT! Of course, I love Scandinavia, (Sweden is my playground :-)so most of the subject matter just pierces my heart...
Inge Thorud sa:
Thanks, Maria! I know I speak for all three of us when I say that we feel honoured to have visitors like yourself coming to our site and checking out what we do. And I totally agree with you on our styles. It has been fun to see how each of us has taken different paths throughout the last year. I hope you will stick with us for another year, and we will try to post something interesting every now and then. Do you take pictures yourself? Or do you follow any other photoblogs we should check out?
Maria sa:
After nearly a year of going to your website, I can 90% of the time guess who will be the photographer of the photo before I scroll down to see the name! Whether you know it or have discussed it, you all have favorite "themes and suject matters..." And you are all very, very good! Please keep up the good work.
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