October 08, 2008
Fall, not winter by Inge Thorud
We went to our mountain cabin this weekend, expecting some interesting fall colors. What we didn`t expect was snow in the beginning of October. That`s pretty early, even for us Norwegians.

The weather was cloudy when I shot this, the building was old, the trees were dark, so the entire scene was nearly black and white to begin with. I really liked the texture of the different parts in the scene, so in an attempt to bring that out, I converted it all the way to black & white and upped the contrast a bit. And look, no vignette! That`s not bad, considering my addiction to it.


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Inge Thorud sa:
I can see how it may look scary, Maria. And to be honest, I don`t think I`ll be returning to that building at night any time soon.
Maria sa:
I L-0-V-E this photo! The scene can look serene or evil ...
Inge Thorud sa:
I agree with you on the tree top matter, Ivar. That just a bit sloppy work, I am afraid. I have two or three frames from this scene, and I somehow cut the tops on all of them.
Ivar sa:
I like this a lot, the snow covering the ground, the texture, the tones, all very nice. My only tiny gripe would be that the trees on the right have lost their top ;)

But it truly is a great picture...
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