October 13, 2008
The sun goes down by Erik Saastad
Shot from a plane


Coloring to see this guys .
The sun goes down this scene looks awesome .
Erik S sa:
Thank you, Maria! We all know that problem. In addition we have another problem: Sometimes pictures just dont fit our site. It might be the background colour, it might be the size. Every once in a while a good shot is not a good frame-shot.
Maria sa:
I just in awe of this photo. Excellent job. You know how the photos never come out like you really saw them (well, maybe not for YOU guys, but for us "regular" people :-), this looks e-x-a-c-t-l-y like I would remember this in my mind. Beautiful.
Ivar sa:
Flotte farger!
erik s sa:
Heisann, og takk for kommentarer! Det er tatt fra fly, tror det var like etter det landa rundt midnatt i Oslo sent i juni. S er de pynta litt p i Lightroom. Pink floyd? Skjnner assosiasjonen, men jeg hadde ikke tenkt p det selv.
Inger Johanne (Fotoboksen) sa:
FOR noen farger!
Hvordan har du ftt tatt dette? Fra fly?
OutOfBounds sa:
Er det bare meg som fr assosiasjoner til Pink Floyd nr jeg ser dette? Flotte farger.
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