October 22, 2008
Black & white theatre by Erik Saastad
The entrance of a small theatre in Paris.


Vega sa:
Great capturing and nice street style .
Excellent photo shoot .
Inger Johanne (Fotoboksen) sa:
Et virkelig stilig situasjonsbilde!
Et blinkskudd i mine yne :)
erik s sa:
thanks, ivar! It was quite easy when i spotted the motive. Just sat at a cafe across the road and waited for someone to pass by while nobody else was passing. I was lucky to get Parisian lady, you know the kind that walks on high heels like they were born with them.
Ivar sa:
Really cool shot, love the way it looks like the painted guys are looking at the woman walking past, while the woman on the left are looking at them. Well timed shot.
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