November 14, 2008
4 anonymous and 1 lonely by Jørgen Stensrud
Taken at a bar in Oslo

As a experiment I thought that I would give the Frame readers a chance to suggest a picture you would like to see. In other words, give me a challenge. Photograph a sound, emotion, song or whatever you can come up with. Post your suggestion as a comment.


Weldone post . Love this here .
Diana sa:
Amazing moment . Thanks for sharing .
Jørgen S sa:
He he, den er grei ithil. Du var den eneste som kom med et forslag, så da skal du få ditt ønske oppfylt :)
Jaime Alberto sa:
Nice shot, and nice web too.
Best regards from Spain!!
Ithil ( sa:
Det hadde vært gøy å se hva du kunne få til med "While my guitar gently weeps" (Beatles) som utgangspunkt :D
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