December 30, 2008
Coloured girl by Erik Saastad
An article in Morgenbladet inspired me to take this picture. It seems every term used to describe skin-colour in the norwegian language gets worn out pretty soon. To be politically correct norwegian youth now uses the term "African American" to describe people with dark skin. (BTW the picture is of Rihanna)


Luna sa:
Like this colored girl . Thanks for sharing .
Jane sa:
Love this Coloured girl here .
Erik S sa:
Maria, what the article was trying to tell was that there was so difficult to get a norwegian political correct term that some Norwegian youth, which are so influenced by American culture, unconsiously chose the term "African american". Maybe I should have had the "brown" pencil there as well - in a very central place, or maybe it is better left out?
Maria sa:
Would have been interesting to have had the "brown" pencil and its description in the photo...very interesting photo. (If I understood the Norwegian correctly, you say "african-american" for even those born in Norway??? I wonder why? Should be African-Norwegian as the comments by Ithil state...)
Erik S sa:
Jepp. De ble kalt Afroamerikanere:-) Takk for kommentar!

Ithil sa:
Mennesker av afrikansk opprinnelse som bor i Norge, blir alts kalt "afroamerikanere" selv om Norge ikke akkurat er i nabolaget til USA? Hvorfor ikke "afronordmann/-kvinne" for gjre det geografisk korrekt?

Kult illustrasjonsbilde til en slik artikkel, ihvertfall :)
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