January 12, 2009
Busy ants by Inge Thorud
So far the winter has given us much more ice than snow in the Oslo area. And while the ski equipment remains at home, more and more people are breaking out their ice skates. This shot is from a little frozen lake outside of Oslo, called Bogstadvannet. It`s been really busy with ice skating Norwegians the past couple of weeks.


These trees are looking awesome .
Vary natural to see this image .
Inge sa:
I've destaurated and altered the tone of the colors a bit, but the overall scene was nearly black & white to begin with.

It's shot from the balcony of my apartment, and ants was what I was thinking when I first saw all the people down on the lake.
Maria sa:
Busy Ants is EXACTLY what you think of when you first see this picture. Was it taken in black and white, or is this actually the "color" of the moment?
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