January 14, 2009
She never knew what hit her by Erik Saastad
She did not stand a chance. The monsters coming out of the wall got her by surprise.


Nice drawing and painting .
Jane sa:
Professional photo shoot . Like this .
Erik S sa:
Thanks Maria! We have missed your comments. We know that you have written them because we get mails whenever there are a comment or an attempt, however we do not get the text or who they are from. But we guesses a few came from you. Now it is ok again. Thanks for being patient!
Jørgen Stensrud sa:
We are recieving you loud and clear Maria...over :) We had some issues with comments, but it looks like the bug is fixed now. Thanks for sticking with us.
Maria sa:
testing 1, 2, 3...great photo! Will this comment actually post? For the last two months I haven't been able to...
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