January 18, 2009
Same shoe, new wrapping by Inge Thorud
I warned Jrgen and Erik about me putting this one up in addition to the first shoe shot, and here it is. I like the other photo more, but I wanted to included this as well, because of the nice textures in the concrete. I really love black & white photography when it brings out the high contrast textures like this. It's a pretty simple and somewhat boring scene to begin with, but in black & white it's suddenly pleasing to the eye. Well, that's my opinion anyway.

IN OTHER NEWS: Soon, frame will get a facelift

Lately, we've been busy redesigning and adding some features to the site, and we're soon ready to show it to you. With the redesign, we'll be able to share more about our photography, as well as point you in the direction of other fantastic photographers and bloggers out there. And you'll finally be able to include your URL in the comments.


Little child shoe .
Little shoe . Love it .
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