January 27, 2009
Is this the right way? by Inge Thorud
Its been quite snowy in Oslo the past week.


Mingmei Ch'ang sa:
Like this snow stair .
Cathy sa:
Really very impressive .
Inge sa:
Thanks for the comments, guys! Jrgen has made it his mission in life to bring his camera wherever he goes. And as always, Erik and I try to follow in his footsteps. So now I try to grab my camera bag on my way out the door, and this was one of the first payoffs, on my way to work. The camera armed with a 50mm lens doesn't take up too much space, but gives you enough room for creativity.

PS! Ithil, I enjoyed your alternative norwegian title so much I'm changing it. I hope that's ok!
Ithil sa:
"Veien blir til mens vi gr" ;)
Corvus sa:
Morsomt, godt observert! :o)
Ivar sa:
Cool shot, like how the tracks comes from all around and merge into one track leading the eyes up the steps.

Looks like you got a bit more snow there than here :)
Maria sa:
Looks like the famous "Bridge to Nowhere" as made famous by Sarah Palin...You Norwegians must have good balance; no one's even used the handrails! :-) Really cool photo.
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