February 11, 2009
Apartments for sale by Inge Thorud
I don't know if it's a good or a bad sign that there were six (!) signs telling me there was apartments for sale in my street this Sunday.


Thanks for sharing this news .
Eaty sa:
Apartments is a great business now .
Maria sa:
I'm huge Obama fan, but what he carries on his shoulders is something I wonder if anyone can carry. God, I hated Bush. That man made my skin crawl, even his voice --most especially his voice--and this election was the first time I voted FOR someone instead of AGAINST someone else. Obama ran a b-r-i-l-l-i-a-n-t campaingn. If his presidency is even half as good, we'll be ok.
Inge Thorud sa:
I'm not at all educated enough in finances to say whether or not this is a good deal. One thing I do know is that I like Obama and his determination in solving the problems at hand. I do believe he'll find a way to get things on the right track, but if this recovery package is it? That I don't know.
Maria sa:
I wish I knew WHAT to think about it...meaning I wish I was educated enough in finances to know if what I am hearing is good/bad/indifferent/biased/unbiased. I do think that I trust Obama and that he's listening to the right people...
What's the word on the street in Norway about it? Sometimes the perspective from 6000 miles away is better than the one at home.
Inge Thorud sa:
13 out of 20? Wow, that's just not right. Even though we're experiencing the terror of the financial crisis in Norway, it's not by far as dramatic as it is in your country.

What do you think about the new economic recovery package they're about to sign off on? Do you think it will help fight the crisis in the US?
Maria sa:
You should see MY street! We are maybe 20 houses all together, and there are 7 for sale & 6 in foreclosure! "Sign" of the times!
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