February 23, 2009
Ice cold hero by Inge Thorud
This guy's one of many busy people removing ice from the buildings in downtown Oslo lately. There are warning signs on nearly every street these days, because of all the snow the last couple of weeks.


I am just amazed after having this one. Thanks a lot for sharing.
Yuan Mao sa:
This design made by a capable architect . I'm ensure .
Shelley sa:
Great structure design .
Inge Thorud sa:
Or did you know that icicles kill more crocodiles every year, than Crocodile Dundee?
Jrgen S sa:
And did you know that coconuts kills more people every year, than crocodiles?
Maria sa:
WOW. Crazy to think of all the dangers in the world from other people on the planet, and then, bam, walking down the street...struck down by a evil-looking icicle! Wrong place, wrong time. This California girl wouldn't have even THOUGHT of a danger like this one.
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