March 14, 2009
Got snow? by Jrgen Stensrud
Yes Hello, is this God?
-Yes, mortal one.
I would like to place a order for spring please.
-Why earthling. Don't you like snow?
Well, to be honest. Enough is enough. With all this snow it will never melt in time for my summer vacation.
-Hold the line please........


Sabrina sa:
I like snow .
Jrgen S sa:
Thanks Maria. I wouldn't mind a litte California sunshine right now. Right now a ray of sun would be like winning the lottery.
Maria sa:
Oh, man, what a great photo/caption combination. Really great work with both. That's why I LOVE coming to the website every day. Here's to a rushing in of your spring. My Swedes are lamenting the same in emails, Facebook, etc. I'll send some California sunshie your way.....>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Inger Johanne sa:
Jeg henger meg p denne bnnen til hyere makter. Vil ha vr.. N!!!
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