March 15, 2009
Goofy is dead by Erik Saastad
He had an accident and got stuck by the neck in a dollhouse window. Someone tried to pull him out by a rope attached to his leg, but unfortunately that only made things worse, and he died by strangulation minutes later.


Love this so much , man this post here .
Erik sa:
Maria. You have no idea. More twistted by tthe minute:-)
Actually, my 3 1/2 year old daughter placed him like that. He has been hanging there for weeks. Sometimes with both feet stuck in the hole as well. Might be with help from her elder sister or brother. Seems like the whole family are twisted:-)
Maria sa:
Sharmyn! So glad you checked out this site; isn't it great?!? Erik, I'm beginning to think you're a bit twisted! :-)
Sharmyn sa:
And he always seemed to be such a happy fellow! So sad...
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