April 25, 2009
Lenin and Trabants souvenirs by Jrgen Stensrud
Taken in a apartment in Nowa Huta (Krakow) when we did a story on it in Magasinet (story in norwegian).
Nowa Huta was started in 1949 as a separate town near Krakw on terrain resumed by the Communist Government from former villages of Mogiła, Pleszw and Krzesławice. It was planned as a huge centre of heavy industry. The town was to become an ideal town for the communist propaganda and populated mostly by industrial workers. In 1951 it was joined with Krakw as its new district and the following year tramway communication was started.

Want more pictures from Nowa Huta and Krakow?
Crumpled by a giant
Chalk outlines
Save med Jebus


Gorgeous shoot . Like it man .
Jrgen S sa:
To quote Apu in Simpsons "Hello steady customer". Glad to have you with us for so long Maria. It's a joy to read all your comments. You are more than welcome back every day. And please tell all your friends about us ;)
Maria sa:
Wow, nice trip down memory lane of your photos. Makes me think I've been a visitor to your site for a long time now! Love the colors in this photo!
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