May 20, 2009
Duckfight by Erik Saastad
Not to many photos of animals here. Came across these two ducks fighting over a female last weekend.


Onne sa:
I think duck fight looks interesting .
Erik s sa:
Thanks for the comments! The shot was taken about 3km up in thewoods, but the ducks were used to people camping there. They were arriving as soon as we came. And the males started fighting every 10 minutes, land or lake was no difference to them. The females was acting strange as well. Yes, it was mating season.
Inger Johanne (Fotoboksen) sa:
Du verden! Jeg ser dem ofte kamp, men jeg tror dette er frste gang jeg har sett dem fly p hverandre mens de er p land. Stilig!!
Maria sa:
Spring is here! :-) Let the mating season begin! :-) :-) :-)
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