May 29, 2009
Time changes nothing by Erik Saastad


Sabrina sa:
You have right said here Erik Saastad .
Maria sa:
True, true. I was mostly thinking of the effects of time on my body... :-) THAT surely changes e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g :-)
Erik S sa:
Thanks Maria! Time changes everything sometimes, but the feeling this shot brings to me was that time changed nothing. The people you see are at a small cafe, and somebody are there everydat no matter if someone who used to be there dies. The world keeps turning, and times changing, and we are just a parenthesis in the tides of time.
Maria sa:
Time changes everything...Really cool shot, Erik. I love anything to do with clocks and watches; Love the black/white feel.
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