June 08, 2009
Groomsman by Inge Thorud
A somewhat tiny edition, hand in hand with the bride.


Great image.
Lovely shoot, guy .
Scott sa:
I love the fact that the bride is not the focus of attention but the little blonde hair boy. Reminds me of myself when I was a kid
Heidi sa:
For et fantastisk bilde av min vakre svigerinne og min nydelige snn - dette var flott!
Maria sa:
I love the elegence of the arm, which is reaching out to the beautiful child, next to the delicate lace; then the hard tree/rock behind it. I love the lines in the photo.
Inge Thorud sa:
Thanks, both of you. Both the bride and groom are friends of mine, and so I was a guest at their wedding. They did, however, want me to take some pictures, so I tried to cover some of it. I'm actually finishing a black/white collage right now, that I want to give them as soon as they're back from their honeymoon.

This particular photo was taken while the bridal party were standing on the stairs of the church after the cermony. Instead of joining the circle of snapping guests outside, I went back inside the church and got some nice shots from behind.
PhotoKaki sa:
Nice. Were you covering a wedding? Or just happen across it?
Maria sa:
what a GREAT shot!!!! Who, what, when & where??!!?? Love it!
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