June 11, 2009
Who said hip hop was dead? by Inge Thorud
Last Saturday Oslo hosted it's annual Music Fest, a day where small, sort of unknown bands are given a chance to show off their talent. They set up small stages all over the downtown area, and all concerts are open to the public for free.

This shot was from a hip hop stage. I passed by a bit early and the place wasn't exactly crowded as you can see.


Nancy sa:
Love this picture .
ki sa:
Kult, takk for link :>
ki sa:
Fy faen for et jvla rtt bygg
Elizabeth sa:
Great shot! We recently visited Norway and I just loved everything and everywhere we went. I'm disappointed we missed this fest and only by a couple weeks. Looks like it would have been a blast.

Ithil sa:
For et tft sted! Nyaktig hvor er dette?
Bra bilde, forresten :)
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