August 06, 2009
Hang on by Erik Saastad
From the subway


Jane sa:
What a fresh shoot . Like your brilliant capturing .
Jrgen S sa:
I totally agree with you Eric. You never know what people are going to like. And images trigger people in different ways. Basically why all humans are different.
erik S sa:
Thanks! I use Lightroom as my digital darkroom. What I did om this shot to show the details is to reduce dark areas, and increase highlighted- The colour saturation was reduced and some light were filled in.

Do you know what is strange? We talk about this sometimes Inge, Jrgen and me: we never know what shots get comments. We have one que of shots each, and rearrange and add new images as we like. What we have noticed is that it is unpredicatble to say what pictures will get comments. Some pictures you are more pleased with yourself, some you might even be proud of, but it could just as well be the picture that you say to yourself that - well this will be ok for tomorrow, and are not very pleased with that get the comments.

This is very much so. I have been on a long vacation, and this picture was my last in line while I am away kinda shot:-)
Maria sa:
I think it's not only the face we can see someone aging...really interesting shot.
Photokaki sa:
Very nice. How do you show the details so much? Tonal contrasting?
Geir Ertzgaard sa:
Or a prison? Wherever, quite claustrophobic.
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