September 13, 2009
Will be titled later by Erik Saastad
At one of our daily Frame meetings a few days ago we decided to challenge our viewers a bit more often. So here is a challenge: Do you have a title for this mage? Use the commentform below.

Tonima sa:
This shoot remind me childhood .
erik S sa:
Thanks for the suggestions!
The sign is in norwegian and says that you can not park boats here (just let off passengers), and that you can not store stuff. It says nothing about swimming. (And that would of course have been a better image if it did that).
Andr Berg sa:
Utsatt til p Almenningskai
PhotoKaki sa:
"Take the plunge"
My take..
Rodger sa:
I don't know what the sign says, but to me it looks like, "No swimming" or something like that. If that's the case, I'd call the image, "Decision".
nic sa:
How about "the edge"
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