September 21, 2009
2 x Trollfjord by Inge Thorud
On our way south in Lofoten, I took a three hour trip with one of Hurtigruten's ships M/S Trollfjord. The ship's named after a very narrow fjord in the area, in which the Hurtigruten ships are only just able to enter and exit. The photo's from the ship's way out of the fjord. As you can see, it sort of looks like it's on land, with the mountains closing in on the ship on both sides.

Umma sa:
Great scene . Like this .
Inge Thorud sa:
No, I guess you could be right, Maria. I know it's widely popular among the tourists here, so the view proves to be unusual.
Maria sa:
Great shot. Bet there's not another place/situation like it in the world!
nic sa:
I wouldn't have guessed it was a boat if I hadn't read the text!
Like the contrast too
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