September 28, 2009
Series of events by Jrgen Stensrud
Want to take a guess of what this is?

Hena sa:
Creative reflection , Awesome .
Jeremy sa:
Thanks Jrgen. :)

I have my work up here and here
Jrgen S sa:
@Robert, ja men er det fulltmt eller heltomt?

@Bee, thanks and congrats with a 50mm. If I could only have one lens it would be a 50mm. I use it all the time, and by that I mean 90% of my images is shot with a 50mm. Just last night I said to my girlfriend, it just keep taking better and better images. Enjoy!

@Jeremy, thank you so much. Believe me the pleasure is all ours. Glad to have you with us. Do you have a url to your work. Would love to take a look.
Jeremy sa:
Ah, so close!

What I forgot to say was that I love the shot. Really wonderful lines, I just keep wanting to stare at it. I find myself just exploring around it for a long time.

While I'm at it, I really enjoy your photos. I honestly can't recall how or why I subscribed to the RSS feed, but I thoroughly enjoy everyone's images every day. And I want to come to Oslo!
bee sa:
Really great photo, love it! Just the type of photos I want to be able to take with my new 50 mm, too!
Robert sa:
Jeg konstaterer bare at glasset er tomt! ;)
Jrgen S sa:
Wow Jeremy, that was as close as it is going to get. You are probably right, you have been taking to many abstract macros ;) The only two things you got wrong was lightsource and the shape of the table. Those two are impossible to make out from the image. The table actually looks round in this image, but it is in fact it is square. And the light source is the tv, at night.

So...Glass on white square table with a black coaster, the lightsource is a tv reflected in a iPhone 3G.

I'm impressed Jeremy
Jeremy sa:
A rocks glass on a round wooden table on a black coaster or placemat reflecting off an iPhone 3G. On the right is a print maybe? Early morning or in the evening, I'd guess, since the outside light is blue while the incandescents give off a yellow interior light.

I think I have taken too many abstract macros. :)
Maria sa:
no, but can't wait to hear what it is...I'll be back to check.
nic sa:
is that an phone reflecting the glass?

a beautiful reflection by the way
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