October 27, 2009
Help...and win by Jrgen Stensrud
First of all a BIG thank you to all of you for visiting our blog.

In a constant battle to create a exciting blog both for our readers and for ourselves.
We need your help to take Frame to the next level. Sometimes it's hard to come up
with something new every day. To quote the famous photographer Zack Arias: What do we have to offer that
hasn't already been served on this massive platter of visual pollution.

To be honest...we have no idea. But a lot of feedback we get from both readers, fellow bloggers
friends and others, is that everyone likes the idea that there are 3 "photographers"
sharing one blog. All 3 have a started to find a style of photography that is
quite different from each other.

So to create something new we have a couple of ideas.
We thought we could create series/themes of photographs based on your ideas.
This is to see how we interpret topics based on your suggestions.

Lets say the theme is shadows. Then each of us has to create one image each that
involves shadows. The possibilities is endless. The topic can be anything really.
A song, a emotion, color, self-portraits (god forbid), you get the idea right?

But we need your help to push us out into uncharted waters. If we got to pick
the topics we would just stick to the stuff we know. And where is the fun in that.
Getting your suggestions makes it 10 times more challenging. And if you have other
cool ideas (besides themes), please do not hesitate to share them.

If you send in a suggestion you will be entering the competition to win a
free print (20 x 30 cm). You can choose any picture you want from our archives.

Leave a comment to submit your suggestion, or send us a mail at mail@framenotincluded.com


Hey from Germany!
I suggest

- your fav. toy as you were young
- what makes you really happy
- 9 to 5 / document your workday / your job (or someone elses)
- nothing in focus
- everything in focus (and still a strong pic)
- film noir
- high key
- shoot (really great) portraits of your family
- shoot (really great) portraits of your working team
- shoot at night in the rain (outside)

and so on :-)

keep the good stuff coming, guys!
topfloor on Flickr
Mr Din sa:
great idea!!! really, I think this will force you to get out of your confort zone and come up with pretty interesting results! some suggestions:
-chocolate cake
-selective dof
-autumn colors
-into the wild
.... and so on :D
Jrgen S sa:
Message from Frame Not Included:
The competition is now closed and we will announce the winner on monday (2 nov).
Thank you all for your suggestions. We can't wait to get started.
Maria sa:
I'd love to see a topic/theme chosen, any topic, and then see the three different interpretations of the same topic/theme. Would show off your different styles of photography, but at the same time give us an insight to how your minds work. Could be very interesting!
jess sa:
Maybe have a different theme each day for six months, then swap in new ideas? Manic Mondays Tableux Tuesdays Wildlife Wednesdays Thrifty Thursdays (ehhh)... ya know. I'm a big alliteration nut.

Jill sa:
Literal topics:

Metaphoric (or literal) topics:

Emotion Topics:
Jrgen S sa:
Ok, we will give this challenge a couple of days more before we announce a winner. Just to give the people that are not here on a daily basis a chance to participate.
So for those of you that have a killer idea you want to get off your chest, it's not to late!
Anamaris Cousins Price sa:
I really love Ron's idea - reinterpreting a reader's shot would be interesting. I'm always amazed to see how a picture I take can look like something completely different when someone else takes it.
Jrgen S sa:
A couple of these suggestions I never would have thought of. Excellent! A lot of good ones so far. We need more...we are desperate, Heeeeelp!
Tony Teoh Melkild , Twitter: @tonyisme sa:
Hva med flge ukens tema i #TwPhCh blant annet?

Nytt tema fra flere fotointeresserte hver uke burde hjelpe p fantasien ;)
Sren xenhave sa:
Take a photo relating to the number equivalent to your age. That could perhaps get a bit tricky, and maybe at least as tricky to guess the number afterwards :)

Sren xenhave
Alexander Nossum sa:
One idea of mine, which I never have gotten to actually start, is to focus on the graphical primitives and "isolate"/document them. Perhaps that will fit nicely with the "minimalist" style of your photos? As a remainder the "graphic primitives" are/could be: point, line, area, shape (area+volume), texture, pattern, light/shadow, tone, colour (value/hue).

Anyway I suggest one theme per week and the regular one photo per day.

I really enjoy the blog as it is - so please do not destroy it:)
Ron Whitaker sa:
Accept an image from a reader. Then each of you go out and shoot your interpretation. The result is not only a theme with meaining but a form of critique for the reader. The reader gets to see how an image can be improved, various interpretations. Now I know we all live in different localities but than only adds fun.

obskur sa:
I had a photo challenge in my own blog about a year ago - to take a picture related to your favorite song - perhaps that'd be something?

Mine was "River in the Road" by Queens of the Stone Age - and I'd LOVE to see your take on that one! :)

(read more here about my challenge (in norwegian): http://obskur.net/?p=304
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