November 06, 2009
Two years! by Erik Saastad
Frame is celebrating its second birthday today with a new design! In norwegian papers films, records and games often get a rating symbolised by a dice value. We celebrate frame by three times two, and hope it adds up to six. Thank you for following our blog!

This is a funny game . I appreciate it .
Pierre sa:
En flott fotoblogg som jeg besker hver dag. Likte det nye designet. Jeg er klar til fornye abonnementet for to r til.
Erik S sa:
Thanks Maria! Yes, you have been here almost from the beginning. We are very glad to have you with us!
Maria sa:
LOVE the shot! And Happy, Happy Anniversary! I started visiting you guys in January 2008, so I've nearly been there since the beginning! How fun, you guys! Keep up the great work.
Erik S. sa:
Takk Buster! Du leder jo med noen uker, s takk det samme til deg!
Cheers to you, guys. Keep it coming.
Erik S sa:
Thanks Nic! Do you like our new design?
Nic sa:
happy birthday! nice photo too, especially with the meaning behind it.
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