November 07, 2009
Take cover! by Inge Thorud
A sign in Norwegian telling us the way to the nearest bomb shelter.

About a week ago we requested your help in creating some photographic assignments, and we got some interesting ideas back. One of our readers, obskur, suggested we'd interpret one of our favorite songs, and make a photo of it. And so today we decided that this would be our first assignment. Next friday, saturday and sunday, we'll each post our interpretation of a song, and you can judge the outcome. The song we'll be working is Bob Dylan's Dignity. In addition to being one of Erik's favorite songs, it has lyrics that kind of made it stand out:

"Someone showed me a picture and I just laughed
Dignity never been photographed"

Stay tuned to see what we'll make of it.

Awesome to see your post . Like it .
obskur sa:
Stilig! :D
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