November 12, 2009
Under the sheets by Erik Saastad
My daughter hiding with a flashlight under the sheets.


Somya sa:
Amazing to see this little girl .
Erik S sa:
Tahnks Maria! She is beautiful for sure, and since she is 4 and her sister and brother is 12 & 14, we will have to make sure we all dont spoil her.
Maria sa:
Very cute! I would title this shot "A Scandinavian Child!" Living in CA, you just don't see blue-eyed, light blond children so often :-) (NOT that I'm complaining or anything...) She's just beautiful.
Erik S sa:
Thanks Ron! No it was not difficult to focus in this situation. I usually use autofocus, but with just one focalpoint. That almost always does it for me. If it does not I switch to manual focus, still with one focal point.
Ron Whitaker sa:
Very cute and nice shot. Is it difficult to get focus on this type of shot?
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