November 13, 2009
Dignity by Inge Thorud
It's time for the first round of our brand new interpret-a-song-game. A couple of weeks ago we asked for ideas on how to make the blog more interesting, and we received a whole lot of good ideas for photo challenges we could do together. Last Friday, we decided on our first challenge: To take a photo inspired by a song title.

The song we picked was Bob Dylan's Dignity. I've embedded it here, so you can take a listen:

The photo above is the first take at the challenge. The man in the blue jacket is one of the homeless roaming the streets of Oslo. Several of them are alcoholics and/or drug addicts, and their main income comes through begging or stealing. In 2005, though, some amazing people started a non-profit street paper called =Oslo. Inspired by similar projects like The Big Issue in America and Great Britain, they started publishing monthly newspapers which homeless people could sell on the streets, making them earn their own money as sellers, not beggars. The newspaper's been around for nearly 5 years now, and I must say I really support the project, and try to buy an issue whenever I come across a seller with a new one. So that's my entry to this challenge. I think both the project and this photo are well suited with the title 'Dignity'.

Do you have similar street newspapers or other types of projects for the homeless people where you come from?


Maria sa:
Coloring photos . Like it .
robert sa:
Great illustration of 'Dignity'. In switzerland a sismilar project produces a magazin called 'Surprise':">
Inge sa:
Cool, that looks very similar indeed.
Jill sa:
Very nice.
I live in a small city in the midwest region of the U.S., and we have a similar project:
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