November 15, 2009
Dignity #3 by Erik Saastad
Seems like I copied Inges idea from friday. The fact is that we did not know how the other was to try to capture dignity. Even if a few things are written by Inge already, I just keep what I intended to write about mine:

In Oslo we have a magazine called =Oslo. It is based on a social businessmodel from in England and Usa, and the magazine is sold by drug addicts and homeless people. The salesmen keep half the amount as profit. Giving a job to people with no options is giving them more than a job. It's giving them back their dignity.

So, did we capture Dignity?

I am not sure.

Dylan is probably still right in his phrase "Dignity never been photographed".
At least we tried, and probably we will keep trying.

Searchin' high, searchin' low

Searchin' everywhere I know

Askin' the cops wherever I go

Have you seen dignity?

It's just not only an image or a single post. Rather, it carries tons of meaning.
Really spanking your amazing post . Like it .
Erik S sa:
Wow Maria, you know your Frame:-)
Jrgen S sa:
Wow, your really did comb the archives. I agree. Inges image has dignity written all over it. Good choice for first place!
Maria sa:
OK; I just had a trip down memory lane for your Dignity Theme. I figured all three of you had probably already captured "Dignity" in one or more of your PREVIOUS photos... so I combed the archives for an hour or so :-)..........And MY picks are:
Jorgen: June 3, 2009 photo
Erik: December 8, 2007 photo (:-)
Inge: (you were the hardest to narrow down to just one...) 1st place June 1, 2008; 2nd place February 2, 2008 and 3rd place December 22, 2008.
What do you all think of that!?! That was fun.
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