November 23, 2009
Nude models by Inge Thorud
This is me trying out my spanking new camera. I've long wanted a smaller camera to bring with me, whenever I feel the SLR is a bit too much. After a close race between the Panasonic LX3, Canon PowerShot S90, Olympus EP-1 and the Panasonic GF-1, I finally decided on the Canon. And my first impression tells me I was right. I'll write up my thoughts on the camera later, but first I'll have to try it out some more.

Oh, and the models are a wooden sculpture from our living room.


Amazing shot. Thank you for sharing
Great creation . Like this here .
Really nice shot and nice perspective, it feels very warm. looking forward on your thoughts regarding the camera, tnx for sharing
Inge sa:
hehe, I see your point, Maria. The statue is of two people, where the man sort of grows out of the woman.
Maria sa:
There's something creepy and alien about this photo....:-)
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