November 27, 2009
My age... by Jrgen Stensrud
Well it's challenge-friday again. And this time we are doing Sren xenhave's challenge to Take a photo relating to the number equivalent to your age. And of cource challenge friday means that all three of us will interpet this in our own way 3 days in a row. We never discuss how we are going to solve it, so it's a secret even to us every time.

Well here is my attempt to take a picture of my age. I always thought that life is a gamble so I decieded to use cards. If you add up the value of the cards you'll get 36. Ace counting as one ;)

This was a major pain in the a** to do. Falling cards does not always fall the way you want them to.

Nice concept of age play. It sounds really interesting specially to the young kinds. Surely, it's a creative visual display of our age that can be an interesting event in the birthday party.
I also like this game .
Maria sa:
ahhhhh.... makes perfect sense then. Good to know I was paying attention, though, eh? :-)
Jrgen S sa:
Thanks Maria. Here is the logic behind the madness...

Queen = 12 and King = 13. Not in poker but in other type of card games :)
Maria sa:
HECKA cool shot! But I only get to 31... King and Queen (10 each) is 20, +5, +3, +2 = 30, plus Ace as 1... = 31... there's five more cards, though, and that would equal 36 if each had one point value... maybe you ARE 31, then? :-) Love the concept!!!
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