November 28, 2009
The meaning of life, and then some... by Erik Saastad
Acording to Douglas Adams novel "The hitchikers guide to the galaxy", 42 is the answer to the question about life, the universe and everything.

It would be too cocky to say that being 43 is understanding the meaning of life. But I think being 43 means enjoying life more, and therefore I added a bottle of wine.


instagram online sa:
I have not read the book yet, so curious about the answer for life.
Weldone for this food post .
Erik S. sa:
Inge, I have read the Hitchikers guide, but this book actually contains all the later chapters/books as well (five of them), and I must admit that it bored me already in the second book (The restaurant at the end at the universe). So I never finished tis book either, and probably never will. I think I read it in my study days. Why? I think it was because its sort of important for informatics students to read it. A nerd thing, really. I do remember it more as full of original ideas than spesifically funny.

Maria: Life is what you make it!
Inge Thorud sa:
I've actually never read the Hitchiker's all the way through before. I've started reading it maybe four or five times, but somehow never made it to page 100. Why? It's supposed to be so good.
Maria sa:
Good wine and a good book! Now that's a great life! With great meaning!
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