November 29, 2009
This shot has nothing to do with the number 29, but has everything to do with the age 29.

I've always looked at the age 30 as the first year of real adulthood. And I mean the serious kind. The kind with a wife, kids and a really big car to fit all the kids.

The kind with a home.

Well, now I'm 29 and I feel ready to take on the seriousness of the age 30. I have prepared myself with a few things as well: I have the most perfect family, with my wife, son and a dog, as well as the really big car to fit them all in.

I have a home. We have a home. I'm ready to add that next number to my age.

Park Colonial sa:
Excellent and well done
What an adorable pic! Thank you for sharing!
What an excellent post . Like this picture a lot .
Maria sa:
Love the photo! Says everything about your "FRAME" of mind! Like your words even better than the photo.
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