December 03, 2009
Some kind of puzzle by Jrgen Stensrud
Want to take a guess what it is?


Priya Mehra sa:
Shanta sa:
Thank you so much for sharing this post .
Ron Whitaker sa:
Two stacks of documents or books.

Very neat - I like it.
Jrgen S sa:
Obviously not as hard to guess as I thought. You where quite right, it is a stack of unfinished books. They are missing the the hard cover on the outside. Not sure what kind of books they are. My girlfriend works in a bookbindery. Lots of cool stuff to take pictures of in their workshop.
Clair sa:
Book binding machine
A bunch of really thick books. The little folds are all bound by a piece of material. Each "block" is a book. Now what would be that big I'm not sure of. Dictionary?
Maria sa:
Newsprint, stacks of newsprint for your paper?
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