December 30, 2009
Year of the dog by Erik Saastad
Everybody here at Frame seems so sentimental these days, looking back at the year that passed. Jrgen had his fiance, Inge had his trip to france. What was left for me was this dog. My family bought it, against my will. But I have eventually learned to love it. Nobody else is even close to being that enthusiastic when I return home from work:-) Here it is playing in the snow yesterday.

How nice this dog . Thanks for this post .
Erik S sa:
Maria, its ears are over its head in this picture, so I can see it is hard to tell. But it is a Cocker Spaniel.
Maria sa:
I couldn't figure out what the photo was of for a few seconds... interesting! Is it a poodle or labradoodle ? :-)
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