February 06, 2010
To my grandchildren by Erik Saastad
-Is it true that they buildt houses for phones when you were a kid, grandpa?

-Well, not exactly, but you had to go to one of those kiosks if you were not home and wanted to talk to someone on the phone.

-But, grandpa, that cant be. People could just walk in there and take the phone with them.

-No, my child. They had a cord. You could not use them without the cord.

-How stupid. What was the cord for?

(Idea by @tomiahonen)


Brilliant photo shoot .
Erik S sa:
Ha ha, Maria. We have got to use metaphors that our kids can relate to:-)
Maria sa:
I told my daughter when she was little to stop asking for the toy over and over while we were in the store "stop asking; you sound like a broken record." Two minutes later, a little voice: "Mommy, what's a record?"
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