February 22, 2010
In transit by Inge Thorud
This is part of an art installation in the Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm, where we spent this weekend. There was a bunch of light filled suitcases hanging from the ceiling, as well as suitcased formed pillows on a sofa formed as a baggage belt. It's worth checking out if you're nearby.


Looks coloring . Thank you so much .
Erik S sa:
Well, Maria. I had five seats, and you had none. So It was not a major problem:-) And that small thing has made you one of our most eager followers ever since. Thanks a lot! Have a nice trip to Sweden!
Maria sa:
I'll be there in two weeks! Definitely going to check it out! This will be my first trip to Sweden since the flight where I met Erik and was introduced to Frame! What will I do without Erik to give up his extra seat for me to sleep!?! :-)
OH! Nice photo, by the way!
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