May 24, 2010
Happy birthday by Jrgen Stensrud
I dedicate my slot today to my daughter who's celebrating her ninth birthday today. It is a privilege and a absolute joy to be her father.

Happy birthday to you . Many many happy returns of these day in your life .
Jrgen S sa:
Thank you Maria. We also make a family book every year (blurb book) with our favorite pictures. Inge actually came up with the Idea. It's hard to choose what pictures to incjude, so last years book was 340 pages :) Going to trim our 2009 book down a lot. Still not done with it yet
Maria sa:
What an absolutely beautiful girl. Fantastic that you will have this digital memory of this age forever. Mine turns 17 on may 27, and I would love to have a fabulous shot like that! Congratulations!
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