May 31, 2010
Broken love by Erik Saastad
On a fotowalk last thursday I found this broken CD.


Nafia sa:
Why this CD broken .
Erik s sa:
Thank you Jeremy and frankdejol! Glad you are here.
Jeremy sa:
Beautiful image. Great eye to catch it.
Cool shot and title.
Erik S. sa:
Thanks Nic, I could easily have missed it as well. My experience is that you have to force yourself to discover it, for instance by limiting your boundaries. In limited space you have to look closer:-) About the B thing: Watch out the C's are coming soon...
Nic sa:
Interesting shot!
I think I would probably have missed a shot like this, simply because I wouldn't have thought of taking it!
Also, I've noticed that this is the third photo in a row with a title starting with a "B". Is it just a coincidence?
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