July 16, 2010
Lightning by Jrgen Stensrud
We had a real storm on our hands a couple of days ago. 11000 lightining-stikes in one hour. Armed with my camera and a little patence I was finally able to capture some cool lightning strikes. I know done to death, but for me it was rewarding.


What an amazing captured .. Like you photo .
Jrgen sa:
@Peter, Thank you. This was taken in Strmmen overlooking Lillestrm. I don't remember exactly how long the exposure was. But if I remember correctly I jumped between 20 and 30 seconds. Pretty much wide open aperture.
Peter Ingebrigtsen sa:
This looks like a house on the side of a hill in Drammen, but there's not enough of the house or city to be sure. Love the shot. How long of an exposure did you use?
splendid... never managed to capture lightning. Great work!
Jrgen S sa:
Thanks Jacob. It was worth staying up late to get a couple of good shots
This is amazing! Great timing and exposure :-)
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