September 03, 2010
Calm down by Jrgen Stensrud
This is our neighbors cat. He is the coolest cat I've ever met. He likes to visit us quite often, and we have fallen completely in love with him. His favorite spot is in the stairs where this picture was taken.


How Calm down this cat .
I LOVE IT!! So cute!!
k@ sa:
Wonderful framing & B&W with style !
Jrgen S sa:
@Maria, the picture is black and white. The cat is actually grey/brown.

@Leanne, thank you. Yesterday he slept 3 hours on our couch. Then he went back home.
Maria sa:
Oh, my god! That is so cute; what a social cat! Great picture! Is the cat black and white or is the picture black and white?
Leanne sa:
certainly looks relaxed, nice composition.
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