September 07, 2010
Somebody was here by Erik Saastad


Nice photo and all type of stones are excellent .
Erik s sa:
Good idea Maria! We are already discussing that. leanne, thanks for your comment!
Jrgen S sa:
That is actually a great idea Maria.I like it ;) And thank you for sticking with us since the very beginning. We are fast approaching our 3 year anniversary.
Maria sa:
Hello guys! You all have such great photos! And I love them, and I love visiting your site every day, but sometimes it's hard to come up with a new way to tell you all! What would you think of a "like" button :-) ? You know, I could visit and scroll through and just click to let you know I like it.... maybe you could even show us how many "likes" you get on the picture...? :-) Anyway, love this shot, too! Hahahaha. So much for MY originality!
Leanne sa:
nice details and depth of field.
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