November 18, 2010
Booklovers office by Erik Saastad
This office belongs to a book reviewer in the newspaper that we all work.


Hey guy,
I'm also a book lover . I applaud you post thanks .
Maria sa:
OMG. That's a fire hazard! :-) Having said that, I love the box with the "MR BEAN" written on it! Love him!
Sid sa:
That's a great photo Erik. Reminds me of the day before exams in Uni. The books weren't this neatly stacked though. I like how 'Elvis' makes an appearance as well. Viva Las Books.
Erik S sa:
Thanks Frank. This is actually an old photo, from our old office. We moved from there about 2 1/2 years ago. But the bookguy is still with us. He now has a meeting room full of them, and his desk and the area around it is floating as well:-) This photo was published since I have been without a net for the past 4 days. It was in my spare queue.
Excellent photo!
I love this books chaos.
You have an interesting job. Good luck!
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