February 02, 2011
Snow with street cred by Jrgen Stensrud
Our long time follower Robert gave me a tip that I will try my best to follow. He told me that a lot of the shots would give a more meaning if we tried to explain the background to why the images where taken. So Robert, thanks for sticking with us, and thanks for the tip.

This image was a result of poor whitebalance settings and some cool snow covered twigs. It's been freezing cold all winter and most trees get covered in what looks like small ice spikes. I wanted to capture that, and went out late one evening. So the orange streetlight gets exaggerated with the poor whitebalance settings.


This is a fantastic photo . Like your capture .
Robert sa:
Dette lover godt Jrgen!
DP sa:
Good advise. Glad you took it to heart. Tech, opinions, or even feelings add depth to the presentation. I've been watching for a few months. That's what's been missing.
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