July 25, 2011
Life savers by Jrgen Stensrud
I dedicate todays picture to the incredible effort made by the many volunteers with boats, who risked their own life to save so many of the kids at Utya. I am lost for words by your courage.
To quote so many well spoken people before me: We will fight this with more democracy and more love.
Being a father myself, I cannot even begin to understand what the parents and families go through. From the bottom of my soul, and for what little comfort it offers, every cell in my body mourns with you.


Excellent photo and your article is so awesome .
Erik S sa:
Maria and Jrgen

My family is ok. Jrgen, sad to hear about your brother in laws nephew. We are a small nation and everybody knows someone involved somehow.

I think the best way to handle this is that we all should vote this authumn to tell each other that we care about our democracy.
Jrgen S sa:
Thank you for your thoughts and concern Maria. None of us where hurt physically. But of course this makes a huge impact on all of us as a nation.
I was devastated when we heard the news, that my brother-in-law's nephew was on the island. We where clinging to the hope that he would be ok, but he sadly never made it back.

Thats why my image yesterday was my humble tribute to him.

We are a small and proud country. Lets hope this will spark this nations willpower to be a more including, open and loving, so that the loss of all these lives vill not be in vain. Lets learn...

Maria sa:
Dear Jorgen, Eric and Inge,
I have been following for years now, and it would not be an understatement to say the three of you were my first thought when I heard the news: Were you in or near the building with the bomb? Was one of your children on the island? Worrying how this will affect your social consciousness as 9/11 did for mine. -- I watched each day at your website worried about what I would see there.... my heart goes out to all Norwegians and applaud your "more democracy and more love" God bless you all.
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